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Introduction to Angel Investing & Startup Fundraising: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Ideal for both entrepreneurs & prospective 

Learn at your pace. This 3 part course can be purchased session by session or as a complete package.  

Onsite Classes

1. Startup Funding: Grants & Investors. Feb 2, 2019

2. Preparing to Meet Investors, May 17, 2019

3. Investing in Startups: Introduction to Angel            Investing, May 31, 2019 

4. Term Sheets & Other Financial Considerations:
Startups & Investors!  TBA


  • Startup Funding: Grants and Investors
  • Investing in Startups: A Primer on Angel Investing                             
                          COMING SOON

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Our Team

Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh
Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh, PhD, Founder & Instructor
John Brzezenski MBA
John Brzezenski, MBA, Instructor
Fred Gumbinner
Fred Gumbinner, JD, Instructor
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, MEDA Angels. 
  • Former Grants Administrator, DoD & Cancer Prevention Institute of TX
  • BA, Johns Hopkins University; PhD, Thomas Jefferson University; Postdoctoral fellowships, NIH & Harvard Medical. 

  • Partner, J. Locke & Co.
  • Member & Former Board Chair,  
    Launchpad Ventures
  • BA, Harvard University; MBA, Northwestern
    Kellogg School of Business.

  • Managing Partner, G2 Gem Finance
  • General Partner, SaaS Venture Fund
  • President, Keiretsu Forum, DC Chapter
  • BA, Colgate University; JD, University of Michigan Law School

Carolyn Campbell
Carolyn Campbell, PhD, JD, Instructor
Ben Liebelich
Ben Lieblich, JD, MBA, Instructor
Djamil Fertikh
Djamil Fertikh, MD, Instructor
  • Managing Director & Founding Partner,
    Emerging Capital Partners
  • BA,  University of Connecticut; 
    PhD, Oxford University; JD, University
    of Virginia 

  • Partner and Chief Operating Officer,
    GP Ventures
  • BA, Columbia University; JD, Harvard
    Law School; MBA, Georgetown McDonough
    School of Business. 

  • Partner, Assn. of Alexandria Radiologists
  • Angel Investor, Keiretsu Forum
  • BS, MD, University of Algiers; Radiology Residency, Mercy Catholic Medical Center; Neuroradiology Fellowship, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 

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Read What People Are Saying
About Our Classes

“As a physician, I knew virtually nothing about angel investing but had wanted to for some time.  The online course was just what I was looking for: a primer that got me thru basic vocabulary & top points I should look for as an angel investor. I could turn on a video whenever I had free time, super convenient.  I can approach investment deals now with some confidence and might even understand Shark Tank!”

Amir R, Physician

San Francisco, CA, USA

 “As a scientist who became highly interested in life science venture capital, I didn’t know how to make the transition. I needed a course that would expose me to the basics of how to evaluate companies. ECF Bio’s investment course provided me with a comprehensive intro the inner workings of venture capital and angel investing. I had a great time with other students doing case studies and due diligence as a team, listening to angel investors, learning investing terminology and various investment methods. The knowledge learned has allowed me to develop the skills essential for investing. I highly encourage anyone considering learning more about VC/angel investing to take this course!”

Brian G, Postdoctoral Fellow

Baltimore, MD, USA

“I had been considering starting my own venture, so signed up for the investment class. I found it very useful in helping me understand an investor’s perspective when evaluating companies and ideas.  The case studies were especially eye-opening and the due diligence session also helped me to be able to identify weaknesses in startups when I attend VC/startup pitch meetings.

Overall, I felt the knowledge gained will allow me to preemptively address issues for my own idea, potentially saving time and money, increasing my chances for success at starting a business.”

Paul L, Recent Graduate

Ellicott City, MD, USA
I chose the online course bundle to get a comprehensive overview of angel and venture capital investment. I can say I now much more firmly grasp the differences among angel investing, micro private equity, venture capital, and private equity. It has helped me to critically examine my own current portfolio of investments and reassess my overall long term strategy. I also have much better insight into the process of thorough due diligence.
Additionally, I understand better as an entrepreneur what my investors will be looking for and how to better assemble the core nucleus of my team. With an emphasis on biotech, this is a great investment, and I hope it will be a key piece in the growth of my professional network as well as yours! Thanks for the great course! 

Trevor T, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Gulf Breeze, FL


Introduction to Angel Investing & Startup Fundraising:
Two Sides of the Same Coin

What is the mystique that’s called angel investing and how is it related to start-up companies?
Angel Investing is simply the investment of capital in start-ups in return for some type of ownership in the company. Most start-ups that receive angel investments are private companies, early in their development, before they are publicly traded on the stock market, if they elect to go that route.
On average, angel investing has historically returned at rates higher than stock market indices such as the S&P 500.
Becoming an astute angel investor requires the evaluation of many start-ups. On the flip side, start-ups that are fundraising must know what seasoned angel investors seek. Becoming educated on the process is critical. There are no short cuts.
This course is thus highly applicable to BOTH prospective investors and entrepreneurs.

Taught by seasoned angel, venture capital and private equity investors, each session can be taken independently, except Session 3 which builds on knowledge of Sessions 
1 & 2.

Session 1:

Investment Types Along the Capital Stack & Due Diligence


30 Day Access

By session end, you will  understand:

  • Investment types along the capital stack, from seed to institutional
  • Risk reward at each level of investing
  • 8+ categories of startup analysis conducted by investors (due diligence process) applicable to any secto

Session 2:

Financial Due Diligence, Start-Up Valuation, Capitalization Tables & Term Sheets


45 Day Access

By session end, you will understand:

  • How to read the 3 key financial statements of any venture
  • How to conduct key financial due diligence of a start-up
  • How to derive the valuation of a venture using multiple approaches
  • How to read and develop capitalization tables
  • How to structure terms to optimize your investment or start-up capitalization

Session 3:

Hands-On Exercises in Due Diligence, Determining Valuation & Terms, & Case Studies


45 Day Access

By session end, you will understand:

  • Key business models of major investment sectors: biotech, software/technology & consumer and relevant due diligence considerations for each of the sectors
  • How to derive early vs. later stage startup valuations.
  • The development of optimal terms by venture stage.

Sessions 1-3:

Get all 3 sessions for nearly $200 in savings


90 Day Access